About Your Flight


IMG_23621The Flight-  What to expect

The crew of Balloon Miami ALWAYS puts safety first. We only fly if the weather permits. One of the things that makes ballooning special is that you only fly on pretty days. Wind and rain are not conducive for hot air ballooning. We talk to all of the passengers the evening before your flight to discuss the weather. If the forecast doesn’t look good, we fly another day. South Florida is a unique and challenging corridor to fly a hot air balloon.

There are four phases to the typical hot air balloon flight. They are as follows:

  • Unpacking and setup
  • Cold and hot air inflation
  • Flight
  • Deflation and pack up

Balloon Miami’s experienced crew takes care of everything for you although you can certainly help with the cold air inflation if you choose to. Bring your camera and some comfortable shoes –  no flip flops, heels or open toed shoes, please.

Where do we meet?

We meet at The Eureka Plaza

18300 SW 137th Ave.

Miami, FL 33177