Your Pilot

pilot markI was asked to crew back in the early eighties and I couldn’t believe that something this fun an exhilarating actually existed! After that first flight, I was hooked! One of the most exciting ballooning experiences for me was flying gas balloons in Germany. Leaving mother earth in the middle of the night, sipping champagne out of silver cups, scooping out sand to maintain level flying over Dusseldorf- what an incredible time with my friend Tom Mackie! Flying hot air balloons in the Netherlands was another treat. My plan is to fly in as many beautiful places as I can. I have recently flown in Temecula, California and of course my home town, Miami Florida. For me ballooning is about family, which is why my daughter Sophia is often part of my ballooning adventures. Sophia started riding in the chase vehicle when she was just seven months old and participates when time permits. Come be a part of our ballooning family! Reserve your flight today!


~Pilot Mark Kersten